ILT Competencies



Summary (brief overview)

The DPS Digital Skills Progression details specific technology skills by grade level. These skills are presented to inform classroom learning for all teachers.

Purpose (why)

Technology, used effectively, can help all students meet and exceed the rigorous learning goals embedded in the Common Core State Standards, AASL, and NeTS, by providing access to tools and resources that personalize instruction and create rich, engaging and relevant learning environments. The DPS Digital Skills Progression informs the development of Digital Learning Experiences across grade levels and curriculum.

The purpose of this document is to identify the digital skills students need as they progress through the K-12 experience so that they may emerge fully ready for the challenges of college and careers.

Overview (details)

In 2003, the Educational Technology Department published a draft “ILT Standards Matrix” that included a scope and sequence to help guide technology teachers and librarians in creating meaningful 21st Century lessons for their students.  In 2014 an updated “DPS Digital Skills Progression” was created which referenced some of the original matrix content but updated and added skills to make it relevant for today’s learners.

The DPS Digital Skills Progression is broken down by grade level. This ensures that classroom teachers, teacher-librarians, technology teachers, and building leaders are aligning classroom practices with developmentally appropriate skills in order to properly scaffold digital learning for students.

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